Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Almost Better Than.. (?).. Cake

(Use your imagination in the title...)

This recipe was given to me by Taylor's Mom. It is incredibly delicious.

1 1/2 Cup Flour
1 1/2 Cubes of Butter
2/3 Cup Chopped Walnuts

Mix and spread in a 9x13 pan.
Bake at 325 for 25 minutes.

(I used 2 store bought ready-made pie crusts. The cake is good with graham cracker, Oreo and chocolate crusts. Just note that you will need 2 of these.. or cut the recipe in half.)

(1st Layer of Filling)
1 Cup Powdered Sugar
8 oz Cream Cheese (room temperature)
8 oz Cool Whip (save 1/2 of container for later)

Mix together in mixing bowl. Stir until smooth. Spread into the cooled crust.

(2nd Layer of Filling)
2 small packages of Chocolate Pudding
3 Cups of Milk

Mix together in another mixing bowl, scraping bottom and sides. Once pudding is smooth, spread onto the first layer.

Top with the other half of the whipped cream.

Sprinkle with a few chopped Walnuts.


We sure did....


  1. Is the top layer plain cool whip or the other half of the cream cheese/cool whip/sugar mixture?